Story Reel: The New York Times

A selection of 10 stories I produced, shot and edited during my time as a video journalist and producer at The New York Times.

Guns, Drugs and Money

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but federal law makes banking nearly impossible for the cannabis industry. The result: a dangerous all-cash operation that requires armed guards and layers of security. (Producer, videographer) Watch on

Protecting the Sanctuary

Armed guards keep the congregation safe at the Potter’s House of Denver. In the wake of the Charleston shootings, more churches should follow their example, says Rev. E. Christopher Hill. (Producer, videographer) Watch on

In Charleston, “Good Triumphs Over Evil”

The Rev. John Paul Brown says faith has allowed him to turn the tragedy of the shooting at Emanuel A.M.E. Church into an opportunity for growth. (One-man-band) Watch on

Scenes From the Unrest in Baltimore

A turbulent day in Baltimore ended with rioting by rock-throwing youths and a call to end the violence by religious leaders and the mother of Freddie Gray. (One-man-band) Watch on

Coping With Baltimore’s Murder Rate

Tiffany Fair and Tevon Chapman are struggling to keep their families safe as violent crime rises in Baltimore. They say the absence of police officers has made their neighborhood much more dangerous. (Producer, videographer, editor) Watch on

Native Fantasy: Germany’s Indian Heroes

Germany’s biggest folk hero is an Apache named Winnetou who fights for justice outside of Hamburg. Best-selling author Karl May, who created him, never traveled to the America West. (Producer, videographer, editor) Watch on

From “Breaking Bad” to Broadway

Bryan Cranston visits The New York Times photo archive in preparation for his role as President Lyndon B. Johnson in the Broadway play “All the Way.” (Producer, shooter, editor) Watch on

House-Hunting, Chinese-Style

Chinese families are looking for a safe place to invest their renminbi. From rural Texas to Silicon Valley, American real estate is an increasingly popular destination for their cash. (Producer, videographer) Watch on

No Credit? No Problem

Banks and private equity firms searching for high-yield investments have fueled a boom in subprime auto loans to buyers who can’t afford them, including those who recently filed for bankruptcy. (Producer, videographer) Watch on