I am a journalist and producer for digital media and TV based in Brooklyn, NY.

As a staff producer for VICE News Tonight on HBO, I have profiled America’s most influential conspiracy theorist, visited illegal porn sets and pot plantations in California, and hung out with 170 Chinese teenagers who live in an old hotel in Milwaukee without their parents.

As a staff video journalist for The New York Times, I covered breaking news in the field and produced documentary shorts on subjects ranging from public safety problems in Colorado’s cannabis economy to security measures in mega churches. But I also created original series, directed the actor Bryan Cranston and spent Fashion Week with NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook.

On this website you can find a selection of my favorite pieces for VICE and NYT. (Many more NYT videos here.)

Between my work as a producer and reporter, my stories have appeared on PBS, NPR, The Texas Tribune, ARD/German Television, RTL, and in some of the most widely read publications in Europe. But the first interview I did for my hometown newspaper in Hamburg, Germany, is still my favorite. In a previous life I was a text book author in Beijing, China. (Though that’s a different story.)

There is nothing like doing good work with good people, is there? So let’s connect! You can email me through this site and send me encrypted messages via my PGP.